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The Survey of Competitiveness of Cities in China made by the Academy of Social Science in 2003 shows; Among 200 major cities (including Hong Kong & Macau) in China, Ningbo takes the first place for its competitiveness, the third for its systematic competitiveness, the fifth for the competitiveness of governmental administration. Among, the top ten in the overall strength of the city.

In March 2004, the Academy of Social Science publicized The Survey of Competitiveness of Cities in China, No 2, which assessed 200 cities in China in overall strength; Ningbo is again listed among Top 10.

For several continues years Taiwan Electrical & Electronic Manufacturers’ Association selected Ningbo as one of the most recommendable cities for investment in the mainland China.

Major Industries involve Textile and Garment, Household Electric, Machine Building, Automobile Parts. Main Port based Industries are Petrochemical, Steel, Power, and Papermaking. New Technology Industries include Electronics & Information, New Materials, and Biotechnology & Modern Pharmacy.

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