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If you are planning to do business in China, then consider that its business culture is unique. It is not surprising at all when many foreign businesspeople find it difficult to do business in China. Language barriers and cultural difference create obstacles for otherwise successful businesspeople whose experience cannot be applied in China. Being successful in China is all about understanding Chinese culture, language and ways of doing business. If you do not understand your Chinese counterparts well, it will be difficult to establish cooperation with them.

Our main task is to help foreign companies and individuals find the needed product or service offered by Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. We will find for our clients, manufacturers or exporters, their requested products and obtain information about quality standards, pricing and method of delivery. At the wish of our clients, we are able to supervise the entire course from finding a product to helping with negotiation and signing a contract, and arranging transportation to their requested location.

We also offer planning business trips to China for potential clients. Business trips may involve visiting factory sites, attending trade shows, signing contracts, and other business related activities at the client’s request.

To obtain more information or ask any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to respond to all your requests.