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Let’s say you would like to import certain products or services from China or you are seriously considering outsourcing to China, because of its low product development and production costs. Now you have to find a supplier or manufacturer. The first thing coming into your mind will be browsing the internet. If you search a product name or concept, you will find many China suppliers and manufacturers. But how do you find a capable and reliable one that will meet your specific needs and have a strong wish to do business with you? Many people get frustrated because of the amount of time spent communicating with Chinese counterparts without being able to achieve anything.

The reason, most likely, is that they did not find the suitable one at the beginning.This is when we step in; our company will help you to successfully find a suitable China supplier, manufacturer or service provider. Our strategy of finding the right Chinese contact consists of understanding our clients’ needs, the ways of doing business in China, and the Chinese partner’s ability and reliability.