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Trade consulting, proposed and billed on a per-project and per- target basis. We offer our clients a way to utilize our specific qualities, and use our expertise to solve problems associated with finding the right product or service, negotiation with a seller, and methods of shipment. No transaction is too small for us.



Product and Manufacturer Research

Our research team will research and analyze manufacturers and suppliers of the client’s requested product, providing a client with our findings in the form of a report.We will carefully choose the most suitable manufacturers among hundreds available by analyzing their work method, assurances of quality and production timetable.


Price Inquiries

We will contact the manufacturers and get prices for requested products. If the client is interested in pricing for products to his or her own specifications, we will relate it to manufacturers in details and obtain new pricing. Upon request, we will have manufacturers provide samples. After completing all the procedures, we will deliver to the client our findings in a detailed report.


Terms Negotiation and Contract Signing

When our clients decide on a product that they would like to import, then it is time for terms negotiations and contract signing. We are here to help our customers with any technical issues that might arise during the negotiation. We can actually negotiate terms on their behalf, and use our expertise to get price discounts and favorable terms for them.


Quality Control and Delivery

Our exports will inspect the production process and regularly keep clients informed about the outcome. During delivery time, we have
final control over products and make surethey match client’s order. If the final product is not up to the client’s expectation, then the final delivery will not be accepted until further improvements are made on a product.



We can provide clients with shipping terms and pricing. Upon request, we will oversee the shipment of final products to clients’ requested destination.


Business Trips to China

We offer planning business trips to China for potential clients. Business trips involve visiting factory sites, attending trade shows, signing contracts and other business related activities at the client’s request. We can also provide our clients with English/Chinese, Russian/Chinese and Turkish/Chinese translator services. To obtain more information or ask any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to respond to all your requests.