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Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong province and one of the largest cities in China. It has the third highest GDP among Chinese cities. Guangzhou is the largest internal trade and distribution center in China. 75% of goods are sourced and 70% sold outside the city. It is also the transportation, industrial, financial, and trade center of Southern China. Guangzhou has the largest distribution center for garments, shoes, toys and gifts in China. 10 billion pairs of shoes are manufactured and sold each year, around the world, of which 6 billion pairs are made in China including 3 billion from Guangzhou.

20% of the world’s top companies have set up branches in Guangzhou. Top auto makers like Toyota, Honda and Nissan have established their business in Guangzhou.

Main industries are IT, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Bio-Pharmaceutical, Iron and Steel, and Food and Beverage Industries.

•Per Capita GDP RMB 62,240 (2006 estimation)
•Total GDP RMBbn 3,067
•Population 10 million

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