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Shanghai is the nation’s financial center. In 2004, there were 113 foreign financial institutions operating in the city. The financial sector accounts for 10% of GDP. Shanghai Stock Exchange is the major stock exchange in China with over 71.30 million investors and 860 listed companies. The total market capitalization of SSE hit RMB 26.98 trillion. In 2007, Capital raised from SSE market surpassed RMB 661.6 billion.

Shanghai is the largest city in China with a population of around 17.4 million. It is also China’s most important east coast port precisely because of its excellent location.

Main Industries are Automobiles, Petrochemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Steel and Iron, Biotech, Electronics, Textiles and IT. Consumer Goods manufactured are Electronic Assembly Equipment, Watches, Cameras, Radios, Fountainpens, Glassware, Leather Goods, Stationery Products and Hardware.

World Expo 2010 will take place in Shanghai for 183 days between May and October. In December 2002, Shanghai was granted among cities from South Korea, Russia, Poland and Mexico to hold the World Expo. The World Expo is the biggest exhibition event in the world. It is a great opportunity for countries to display their social, cultural and economical achievements. In the exhibition, organizers are expecting participation of roughly two hundred countries. For more details about the WorldExpo please visit their website at

•Per capita GDP $6,200
•GDP Growth 11.1%
•Population 17.5 million
•Total GDP of Shanghai $109 billion

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