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Many famous Chinese enterprises are located in Qingdao, such as Haier Group, Hisense Group, Qingdao Iron and Steel Group, Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd, Aucma Group, Etsong Group, Double Star Group, Guangyuanfa Group, Liqun Group, Qingdao Port (Group), Qingdao Construction Group and Shandong Cherry Group. Tsingtao Beer is a century-old beer maker while Haier is a new emerging star since China’s reform and opening-up. Hisense, Double Star and Aucma are all well-known Chinese brand names. Seventy six Fortune 500 companies have set up projects in Qingdao.

Nationally, Qingdao is home to 31 famous brands and 10 well-known trademarks. Main industries include Auto, Consumer Electronics, Building Materials, Shipbuilding, Petrochemicals, Steel, Beer and Wine, Textiles and Apparel, Food Processing Equipment, and Chemical Fertilizer.

•Average per capita income $3,812
•Population 7.3 million

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